Catering North Shore

Are you on Sydney’s North Shore and need catering?

There are a considerable measure of things that go into sorting out an occasion or gathering, however food will not be one of them. If your occasion is being held at North Shore, then we have got you secured, with a well arranged set of menus and a large amount to chose from, this is a clear winner in assisting your arrangement.

Catering North Shore

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Our Chefs have a good eye on food and nutrition:

You cannot make a quality display without the quality, equipment and knowledge that our chefs incorporate within preparation and presentation of their meals.

Cupcake & Canapés aim to achieve the utmost and full commitment to pleasing everyone consuming their dishes, even those super fussy eaters. While we offer a lot through our services and with quality, that doesn’t mean Cupcakes & Canapés costs a lot. Catering North Shore likes to admire that our low costs make it conceivable to provide food for your events at a well set price.

Whether the event is at full capacity or a smaller occasion, Cupcakes & Canapés always consider the number of visitors they are cooking for. Understanding that exactness is the most imperative factor while setting the tables in catering. Regardless of whether you are having a corporate occasion or you are cooking for youngsters, our chefs are talented at the craft of decorating and preparing a meal fit for any occasion.

“If your occasion is being held at North Shore, then we have got you secured, with a well arranged set of menus and a large amount to chose from, this is a clear winner in assisting your arrangement.”

Delectable Menus to Suit Adults and Children

It can be a huge relief to know that our skilled chefs and other staff are reputable in catering all foods suitable for any dietary recommendation prior to an event. It is our main objective to please and ensure all our guests in feeling at ease in enjoying their meals.

Cocktail Snacks are a Specialty

For a special birthday party, catering North Shore specialists always make use of the tastiest sauces for their dishes. They believe sauces and dips are the hallmark of good cooking when it comes to serving canapés, savories’ and cocktail snacks. With the ever growing need to entertain at birthday parties, catering experts have all the expertise necessary with the preparation of dainty savoury snacks. They know there are many guests who often prefer something savoury for a morning tea party over something

The most fresh and tastiest for you event

Catering North Shore specialists can be counted on to provide personalized attention for your event. They make sure they deliver services of value which include top quality ingredients and amazing food. Salt of the Earth serve the freshest of food, whether your wishes are to have an event where the food is gluten free, where the emphasis is on sea foods, beverage food, meats, vegetarian or where the food requirements are that the menu is as sweet or as decadent as you can imagine.

From delicious soups to sandwiches, fish, poultry salads and dressings to mouth watering sweets and pastries for adults and children. Salt of the Earth is a catering company who know how to turn any event into something where people talk about the appearance, flavor and textures of each tasty crumb.

For all your party food needs in North Shore, including finger food catering, beverages, platters and more

There are a lot of things that go into organising an event or party, but catering is not to be a point of stress, Fabulous Finger Food has got you covered.

Even the fussiest eaters will be satisfied by our delicious menu options. With gourmet platters, hot and cold beverages and so much more available to you when you utilise our assistance.

While we offer the most varied and excellent service possible, that doesn’t mean Fabulous Finger Food costs an arm and a leg. Right across North Shore, our low prices make it possible to cater your party in a way aligned to your budget.

Call us on 1300 850 720 to book or get a quote on the affordable packages we have available.

Catering North Shore

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