Our Nutrition Strategy complies directly with the NSW Healthy Canteen Strategy. We help students make an informed choice by displaying star ratings on food items and by flooding the menu with healthy choices.

We provide 100% consistency and quality, we make all our hot dishes at our central kitchen at the Conservatorium of Music in Sydney. These products are then transferred via refrigerated van to the schools on a daily basis. The hot dishes have been created with the NSW Healthy Canteen Strategies in mind and fully comply with those recommendations.

Our canteen at Balgowlah is generally used for the introduction of new products. We trial new products there for about 2 weeks before introducing them to the other canteens. For instance soups will be trialled there in the upcoming weeks.

We have nutritional panels for all our products be it either house made or out sourced.

We work with schools across all areas to streamline the canteen and school including:

  • Reducing waste & increasing recycling by segregating wastes wherever possible to aid recycling and provide an indication of why waste is forming, investigating alternative uses for organic waste that cannot be reduced or reused, e.g. composts.
  • Regular feedback with school, parents and P&C on food and beverage items
  • Supply of quality lunch items to staff and visitors to the school
  • Use of Greenmark packaging in items for sale through canteen i.e. Paper pails for hot dishes, wooden cutlery, biodegradable plates, biomass plastics and sandwich packs.